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Jun 2021

June 7, 2021

June 8, 2021

Russian hackers thrown for a loss on eve of Biden-Putin summit!

In biggest recent defeat for computer gangsters, FBI recovers most of ransom paid by Colonial pipeline to Darkside hackers. 

An idea whose time has come: a debtors’ cartel against Beijing by developing countries ensnared in the debt trap of the brutal Belt and Road scam; US help needed; Goal must be far-reaching debt cancellation of odious pyramided debt.

Energy Secretary Granholm confirms money for nuclear energy is included in Biden’s $2.3 trillion package for jobs and infrastructure. GOP counteroffers have provided ZERO funding for this vital carbon-free energy source. 

Manchin won’t back HR 1 For the People Act, so Dems should turn to less powerful but very useful John Lewis Voting Rights bill, which actually has some GOP support.