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Jun 2021

June 14, 2021

June 15, 2021
Netanyahu is gone for the moment; Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles fails in building housing for homeless; make him ambassador to Mars!
G-7 and NATO communiques are first effective platform for world resistance against Chinese-Russian totalitarian bloc
Policies approved include 1 billion-plus Covid shots for developing countries, 15% alternative minimum tax for corporations, and world development strategy to counter Beijing's Belt and Road debt trap; demands include finding origin of pandemic, human rights for Uighurs in East Turkestan, freedom of navigation in South China Sea, and an end to forced labor in world supply chain;
G-7 language against China is tougher than after Deng Hsiao Ping's 1989 Tien An Men massacre of student protesters; India, Australia, South Korea and South Africa attend; NATO brands Russia as threat, China as challenge; Biden scores diplomatic success on world stage, warns Putin on cyber attacks with promise of retaliation;