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Jul 2021

July 17, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

July 18, 2021
Time is right for peaceful mass demonstrations to assert the alienable right to vote against GOP state legislatures!
Upcoming August recess is opportunity to confront Congressional Republicans during town hall meetings on model of summer 2017 protests that saved Obamacare; Making voting rights bills exempt from filibuster like judges, top officials, and the budget may be way to restore pre-clearance removed in Shelby County case;
60 million children in line for Child Tax Credit payments, with checks going out to 35 million families;
Hypothesis of pandemic origins in Wuhan lab leak gains momentum at halfway mark of Biden's 90-day investigation as Chinese Communists refuse to cooperate; Tedros of WHO demands to see Wuhan records;
Breaking: Infamous reactionary judge in Texas tries to strike down DACA program; Feds say two disgruntled Big Lie militiamen charged in alleged plot to blow up California Democratic Headquarters in Sacramento!