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Jan 2021

January 7, 2021

January 8, 2021

Joint Session of Congress Finishes Counting Electoral Vote Certificates and Declares Biden-Harris Ticket as Winners of 2020 Election at 3:40am; Scoundrels Cruz and Hawley Force Votes on Objections to Arizona and Pennsylvania Electors, But Each Fails with Half a Dozen GOP Backers in Senate; 60% of House GOP Support Sedition;

With 13 Days Left Before Trump’s Term Is Scheduled to End on January 20, Pelosi and Schumer Demand that Pence Activate XXV Amendment to Remove Trump; Cabinet Secretaries Discuss Ouster, but Coward Pence Taking Evasive Action to Flee His Plain Constitutional Duty; Pelosi Says Her Caucus Will Overwhelmingly Support Second Impeachment; 

Imperative Is to Keep Trump Pinned Down and Boxed In, With All Circuits Overloaded, Running Out the Clock While He Is Obsessed with Last-Minute Pardons and Swindles; Trump’s Continued Possession of Nuclear Launch Codes is Intolerable, as is Existence of Armed Fascist Gangs; House Judiciary Chair Nadler Calls for Immediate Impeachment, Cicilline Draws Up Articles; Inciting to Riot in DC and Attempted Extortion of 12,000 Should Suffice and Are on Tape;

With Two Live Pipe Bombs Found in Capitol, Biden Brands Mob of Fascist Hooligans as Domestic Terrorism; What Ever Happens, Trump Must Be Barred from Any Future Federal Office; Trump’s Statements About Peaceful Transfer are Deception;

With Democratic Takeover of Senate and Eclipse of Moneybags McConnell, Prospects Brighten For Necessary Extinction of Republican Party to Complete US Political Re-Alignment; Wall Street Journal Editorial Finds Trump’s Conduct “Impeachable,” Demands that Trump Resign; National Association of Manufacturers Releases Hard-Hitting Statement Demanding Armed Violent Thugs Cease Violence at Capitol, Adding that Pence Should Work with Cabinet “to Invoke the 25th Amendment to Preserve Democracy.”

Yale Management Prof Sonnenfeld Polls Dozens of Top CEOs, Finds 100% Willingness to Threaten GOP Congressmen Who Persist in Negating Election with Funding Cutoff!