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Jan 2021

January 6, 2021

January 7, 2021

Trump Incites Mob of MAGA Fascist Rabble to Storm Capitol and Stop the Electoral Vote Count, Fomenting His Long-Sought Autogolpe; Don Promises to Accompany Thugs, but Runs Away; As Count Resumes After 8pm, GOP Subversives Must Drop Their Objections to Certification of Biden, Shut Up and Go Home; GOP Revealed as Party of Fascist Chaos, Not Worthy of Existence in Modern Republic; Start by Removing the Eight GOP Senators and 60 Representatives Who Voted to Object to Election Results; But Hawley Still Postures;

Suspicious Lack of Defenses around Capitol Despite Well-Known Approach of Fascist Mob Partly Caused by Fear that Trump Would Try to Seize Command of Any Mobilized Troops or Police to Force Them to Join Putsch; Suspecting Trump was Seeking Pretext of Martial Law, Miller and Milley Reportedly Conferred with Leaders of Both Houses, but Not Trump, to Co-Ordinate Measured Response; 6pm Curfews In Force in District and Northern Virginia; Police and National Guard from Nearby Jurisdictions Saved the Day;

Strong Presidential Speech by Biden around 4pm Condemns Trump’s “Assault on Democracy,” “Insurrection,” and “Sedition” and Challenges He Speak on Live Television to Send His Goons Home; Durbin Recalls that 1876 Audit Demanded by Cruz Opened Door to Century of Jim Crow;

Republicans Lose Control of Senate as Warnock and Ossoff Vanquish Loeffler and Purdue; Moscow Mitch Demoted to Minority Leader if He’s Lucky;

Urgent Issue: Two More Weeks of Trump are Intolerable; Choice Is between Ouster through XXV Amendment Activated by Pence and Cabinet Majority, or Lightning Impeachment by House; A Paralyzed Executive Is an Invitation to Sneak Attack from Abroad; 

Distant Mirror: The February 1934 Stavisky Riots in Paris, When Fascist Gangs Attempted to Storm French National Assembly and Install a Mussolini-Style Dictatorship; Stopped Then by Thin Line of Gendarmes;

Epiphany Turns into Infamy, Thanks to Trump

Breaking: Admiral Mullin Supports XXV Amendment to Remove Trump for “Grossly Illegal Conduct”; CBS Reports Cabinet Discussion of Such Removal