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Jan 2021

January 5, 2021

January 6, 2021

Wednesday Will Mark Culmination of 2020 Presidential Election Campaign as Joint Session of Congress Meets for Official Count of Electoral Votes; Biden Should Win Thanks to His Majority of 306;

But Desperado Trump is Casting About for Last-Ditch Demagogic Tactics to Stave Off His Virtually Inevitable Defeat; His Central Gambit is to Force Pence to Break Law and Precedent to Tamper with the Electoral Vote Totals; But Vice Presidents Are Ceremonial Figures, More Master of Ceremonies than Judge and Magistrate; Congress Can Still Vote Down Any Rulings Pence Tries to Make;

Thirteen GOP Senators and About 140 House Members Say They Are Ready to Challenge Electors’ Slates from Battlegrounds They Are Targeting; GOP Bad Faith: They Feel Free to Subvert the Constitution to Impress their Base Because They Assume that Democrats Will Make Sure that this Wretched Spectacle will Have No Consequences;

Trump Forces Promise 3 Million Protesters in Streets on Wednesday to Intimidate Congress, but Their Tuesday Permit Applications Forecast at Most 30,000 at Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue,, the Focus of Their Mobilization; Desperate Posturing from Alt-Right Orators; But Real Test Comes on Wednesday, the Anticipated Peak of Trump’s Street Turnout;

In Critical Georgia Runoffs, Democrats Warnock and Ossoff Perform Well, but Result May Not Be Known for Days; 

Breaking: Pence Alleged to Tell Trump that He Has No Power to Alter Electoral Vote Totals; Trump’s Speech in Dalton, Georgia Shows His Grasp of Reality, Always Tenuous, is Now Non-Existent