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Jan 2021

January 30, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

January 31, 2021

Speculative Mania in Heavily Shorted Stocks is Probable Harbinger of Brutal Day of Reckoning for Current Dizzying Asset Bubble; The Story of Joseph P. Kennedy and the Bellboy in 1929 Teaches that When People of Modest Means Start Borrowing Money on Margin and Attempt to Join Bubble Very Late in the Game, the End is Near; Leveraged Buying Frenzy by Retail Investors Cannot Last;

Gamestop and Some Other Distressed Stocks Make Gains, but Overall Market Declines below 30,000; Recent Market Favorites Like Apple Pulled Down into Vortex; 

Biden Administration Must Defend US from Looming Crash with Aggressive Re-Regulation, Bringing Back Classic New Deal Safeguards: Restore Glass-Steagall, While Using Federal Reserve Regulation T to Impose 100% Margin Requirements; Naked Shorting of Stocks, Bonds, and Derivatives Must Be Banned Entirely, as in Europe During 2010 Bond Crisis;

Fallacy of Speculators: For Small Retail Investors to Defend Themselves from Giant Zombie Banks and Vicious Hedge Fund Hyenas, They Must Have the Support of Government; Following the Austrian, Chicago, or Chamber of Commerce Schools Only Guarantees Defeat

Biden Must Suppress Speculation with 1% Wall Street Sales Tax on All Wall Street Transactions in Stocks, Bonds, and Derivatives; 

Camouflaged by the Crowd of Neophytes, It Must Be Assumed that Malefactors of Great Wealth Have Infiltrated the Various Chat Rooms for Purposes of Manipulation; When the Finance Oligarchs Bolt for the Exits, the Credulous Little People Will Be Left Holding the Bag; The Plunge Protection Team (aka PPT aka President’s Working Group on Financial Markets) Should Deploy Its Federal Reserve Assets to Cushion the Fall, as in October 2008; 

Treasury, SEC, FBI, and CIA Must Probe Role of UK Brexiteers, Russians, and Chinese in Financial Warfare Against US at Moment of Maximum Weakness Induced by Trump’s Malfeasance; In 2008, Putin Invited China to Join in Attack on US by Dumping Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac Agency Bonds!