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Jan 2021

January 27, 2021

January 28, 2021

The Big Short: Online Chat Rooms Inspire Panic Buying of Stock Options in Mall Retailer Gamestop (GME), a Target of Short Selling by Wall Street Hedge Fund Hyenas; Bed Bath and Beyond, Blackberry, and the Humble Tootsie Roll Are Typical of the No-Glamour, Beaten Down Stocks Typically Targeted by Hedge Funds but Now Soaring; Gamestop Up 700% as Resentment of Parasitical, Predatory Business Model of these Locust Funds Is Helping to Fuel Revenge Buying; 

Short Squeeze Inflicts Severe Damage on $13-Billion Melvin Capital, which Is Reportedly Hard Hit and Receiving Cash Infusion; 

But Large-Scale Speculators Are an Integral Part of the Mania, Seeking their Own Superprofits, Which Have Nothing to do with Needs of Small Investors; Is This a Classic Pump and Dump in the Cyber Age, Meaning that the Next Big Issue will be When the Stampede for the Exits will Begin; Tilray Stocks Rose 1,400% in 2018, but then Reverted to Single Digits during 2020;

Massachusetts Stock Regulator Wants Trading in Gamestop Shares Halted for 30 Days after Today’s Trading Pause; Insana Recommends That Retail Investors Reduce Stock Exposure;

In 1929 Stock Bubble, Broker Pools Were Used to Manipulate Markets and Inflate Stock Prices, as in the Case of RCA; These Practices Were Outlawed in Securities Act of 1933-1934; Warren Calls for Urgent Action by Securities and Exchange Commission – Not Just Monitoring Market Volatility;

Chaos is Another Sign that Globaloney Economy, after Impoverishing the World and Making Communist China More Powerful, Has Entered Its Last Days;

Friendly Reminder: If You Buy a Share of Stock, What You Can Lose If the Price Goes to Zero is Only What You Paid; But If You Sell a Stock Short for Future Delivery, Your Losses Can Be Theoretically Infinite; Even Seasoned Professionals Are Often Burned in Selling Short!