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Jan 2021

January 25, 2021

January 26, 2021

Another Day of Aggressive Communist Chinese Violations of Taiwan Airspace; China Passes New Law Allowing Coast Guard to Open Fire on Foreign Vessels; Chinese Caught Probing Infiltration Routes into Sikkim Province of India; Border Brawl Results; New Secretary of Defense Austin Re-Affirms Mutual Defense Treaty with Japan, Including the Senkaku Islands; Russian Opposition Reports 3,600 Pro-Navalny Protesters Arrested in Weekend Demonstrations as Putin’s Fear of Masses is Vividly Portrayed;

Impeachment Article to Oust Trump Delivered to Leahy Senate, with Formal Trial Expected to Start in Two Weeks; Evidence that Trump’s State of Mind was Indeed Criminal Intent (Mens Rea): Reports Say Trump, Rebuffed by Barr Successor Rosen, Recruited Rogue Official Jeffrey Clark for Putsch Inside Department of Justice to Coerce Georgia Officials to Falsify Election Results; Threat of Mass Resignations Inside Department Supposedly Stopped Coup; DoJ Inspector Investigating Charges That Trump Sought to Compel Solicitor General to Sue Battleground States to Cancel Election Results Before Supreme Court;

Moscow Mitch Using Filibuster to Extort Guarantee Filibuster Will Be Eternal; Tactic Reflects Structure of Moribund GOP, with a Few Billionaire Megadonors but Dwindling Support among Voters;

Success is Imperative in Biden’s 100 Days: To Avoid Losing Congress on the Model of Clinton and Obama, New Administration Must Deliver Speedy Eudaemonic Legitimation in the Form of Full Employment, Rising Real Wages, Improved Upward Socioeconomic Mobility, Increased Longevity, and Greater Access to Health Care, Education, and Culture; Trendy Energy Austerity Set the Stage for Carter’s 1980 Defeat; Later, Greenspan Convinced Clinton Budget Austerity was Unavoidable; Gore and NAFTA Helped Gingrich Take Congress; Obama Delivered the ACA, but It Became Operative only After the Catastrophic 1994 Election, Eclipsing Rescue of Detroit Auto Makers and Other Achievements;

Breaking: Tyrant Xi, as Davos Keynote Orator, Demands Chinese World Domination under Guise of Globalization; Bandit Leader Recommends International Law, not “Supremacy” – But Only for Others!