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Jan 2021

January 23, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

January 24, 2021

Trump Impeachment Trial to Take Place on February 8: Majority of Americans Want Trump Convicted and Barred Forever from Holding Federal Office; Zero Tolerance Here for Fascist Coup d’État and Dictatorship; Some GOP Intrigues Want Trump Gone;

In Spirit of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Hundred Days, Biden Launches 30 Executive Orders and Actions to Defeat Pandemic and Worsening Economic Conjuncture; On Friday, Biden Established $15 Minimum Wage for Federal Workers and Contractors, Plus More Money for Food Stamps and Meals for School Kids;

16 Senators Set to Meet with Biden’s Top Economist Deese; Goal Must Be Full $2 Trillion Pandemic Relief and Stimulus Bill;

1% Wall Street Sales Tax on Turnover of Stocks, Bonds and Derivatives, plus 0% Century Bonds Bought by Fed Are Key to Financing Recovery and Reconstruction Programs;

Trump Economy’s Farewell Week Came with 900,000 New Jobless, Exposing Once Again the Catastrophe of Trump’s Policies; This is Worst Labor Market in Recent US History, Far Worse than the 700,000 per Month Faced by Obama-Biden in 2009 Depression;

GOP Lunatic Fringe in Flux After Q Fails to Deliver Stormy Putsch; Some Groups Turn Against Trump; 

Big Malthusian Push for Energy Austerity Has Already Started: If They Don’t Press for Nuclear Energy and Don’t Condemn China as the World’s Dirtiest Polluter, They Are Dishonest;

Merchants of Death: US Exceeds Death Toll of World War II under Trump; British Count Under Johnson Exceeds Civilians Killed in World War II;


Navalny Reports 2,000 Arrests in 70 Cities Across Russia after Protests when He Is Held by Kremlin after Return to Russia;

Prepare for Testing: Beijing Genocidalists Send Warplanes into Taiwan Airspace in Open Bid at Intimidation; Biden National Security Council Repeats that US Commitment to Taiwan’s Security is “Rock Solid”