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Jan 2021

January 21, 2021

January 22, 2021

Opening Hours of Biden Administration Raise Hopes for a New 100 Days Following in the Footsteps of Franklin D. Roosevelt Starting on March 5, 1933; At That Time, FDR Got 15 Major Bills Passed and Rescued US from Herbert Hoover’s Economic Chaos and Threat to the Very Fabric of Society, Marking the Turn of the Tide in Great Depression;

At End of Biden’s First Full Day in Office, Biden Has Approved 27 Executive Orders and Actions, Beginning to Roll Back the Malice and Incompetence of the Worst Presidency in US History Since James Buchanan; Expanded Use of Defense Production Act Included; Time for Guarded Optimism About Economic Recovery, the Defeat of the Pandemic, 

Biden Supports Extending Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia; but Also Promises Accountability for Massive SVR-GRU Hack of US Computers and Russian Bounties to Terrorists for Killing US Forces;

FDR Made Some Mistakes at the Beginning and Biden Will Too: Attack on Keystone Pipeline Will Destroy Jobs and Interferes with Vital Cooperation with Canada; The Answer: Re-Route the Pipeline and Provide a Federal Job Creation Program Like the WPA/PWA Financed by 0% Long-Term Credit from the Federal Reserve; No Coercion or Confiscation in Any Case; AOC Rightly Offers Strike Support for Workers in Hunt’s Point in Bronx, NYC;

Biden Ousts Three of the Most Odious Trump Agency Hacks, Including Kathy Kraininger, Who Worked Hard to Pervert Mission of Consumer Finance Protection Bureau for the Benefit of Moneyed Interests; Michael Pack of Voice of America, who Wanted US Foreign Broadcasting to Serve GOP’s Reactionary Ideology; and Strikebreaker Peter Robb of the National Labor Relations Board, who Tried to Make that Agency into a Force of Anti-Labor Scabs – All in the Blue Collar, Friend of the Masses, Populist Trump Regime!

Breaking: Seven Democratic Senators Want Ethics Committee Investigation of Demagogues Cruz and Hawley for Assisting the January 6 Insurrection; Cruz and Hawley Have Earned Expulsion, Which Would Deprive GOP of Two Their Leading Extremist-Reactionary Young Guns for 2024, Hastening the Ongoing Extinction Process;