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Jan 2021

January 20, 2021

January 21, 2021

Biden Tells Nation and World that “Democracy Has Prevailed” in Spite of Its Fragility; Cites Saint Augustine, the Founder of Western Civilization, to Find Common Objects of Love that Can Unite Americans; Promises Empathy for the Economically Disadvantaged; Stern No to Violent Dissent or “Uncivil War”; Minute of Silence for 400,000 Covid Victims; Invokes Great National Effort to Resolve Current Cascading Crisis; National Unity Indispensable;

Nightmare of Trumpism Finally Ending as the Joker Runs Out of Tricks; Sinister Plan To Meld Politics of “Patriot Party” with Demagogic Media;

In Major Humiliation for Outgoing Lame Duck Don, State Capitols Across the US Are Deserted Except for a Few Bedraggled Fanatics, Sometimes Outnumbered by Biden Supporters; No Attempt at Military Putsch was Seen Anywhere in US; Proud Boys Attack Trump For Failure to Conjure Up the Long-Awaited Coup Retailed to Q Followers as The Storm!

Biden’s 17 Executive Orders Freeze Evictions, Foreclosures, and Student Loan Payments; End Moslem Travel Ban; Revive Federal Mileage and Fuel Standards; Freeze Leasing in Alaska’s ANWR; End the Emergency on US-Mexican Border to Block More Filching of Pentagon Funds; Stop Building Trump’s Vanity Wall; Order Counting of Non-Citizens in US Census; Protect Sanctuary Cities and DACA Dreamers; Review All Federal Agencies for Discrimination; Shut Down “1776 Commission” Composed of Pro-Trump Ideologues and Ignoramuses; New Workplace Protections for LGBTQ Employees; Tighter Anti-Swamp Ethics Rules After Trump Jettisoned Time Limits on Hiring US Officials as Lobbyists; Impose Mask Mandate for Federal Property and Interstate Commerce; US Must Fight Chinese Power Grabs at WHO and Paris Climate Accord;

Breaking: First White House Press Briefing by Jen Psaki is Optimistic and Well-Informed, with Promise That Biden Remains Committed to Invoking Defense Production Act to Compel Industry to Serve National Needs, with Specifics Expected as Early as Thursday!