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Jan 2021

January 2, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

January 3, 2021

Senate Votes 81-13 to Reject Trump Veto of NDAA Defense Authorization Act, Following House in Completing Override of Don’s Attempt to Block Bill; Landmark Rebuke of MAGA Shows Hypnotic Spell of Trumpism is Waning;

GOP Rivals Shred Constitution Bidding for Favor of Lunatic Fringe at January 6 Counting of Electoral Votes: Seeking to Overtake Hawley’s Lead in Joining 150 House Extremists, Cruz Today Launches Subversive Phalanx of Johnson, Lankford, Daines, Kennedy, Blackburn, and Braun, Plus New Arrivals Lummis, Marshall, Hagerty, and Tuberville; Cruz Touts “Ten-Day Emergency Audit” to Block Certification of Biden Based on Discredited Hearsay Courts Have Rejected; Mitch and Thune Urge This Dirty Dozen to Dump Don, Citing Futility and Danger of Party Split;

Texas Federal Judge Dismisses Gohmert Lawsuit to Stop Pence from Counting Electoral Votes; Pence Himself Had Repudiated this Effort;

Warring Republican Factions Produce Chaos for Twin Georgia Runoffs, with Democrats Warnock and Ossoff Increasing their Chances to Prevail over Plutocrats; Final Agony of GOP Continues;

Beware War Provocations from Trump Camp on Sunday Anniversary of Suleimani Hit; Cui Bono Analysis Shows Iran Has No Interest in Antagonizing Biden Administration; List of Victims of Russian Hack Now Shows 250 US Government and Business Entities;

Trump, the Would-Be Executioner of the Central Park Five, Presses Forward with Sickening Series of Federal Executions; Honor Pope Francis by Ending Capital Punishment Now!

Seeking to Gaslight World on Reality of Pandemic, Chinese Foreign Minister Raves that Virus May Have Appeared in Several Locations around World; US Adds Top Chinese Chipmaker to Trade Blacklist

2021 is Dante Year: Dante Alighieri Died on September 21 1321; Florentine Poet Originated Concept of Modern Literate Language in General and of Italian Specifically; Exiled under Death Sentence, He Was a Lifelong Fighter against Tyranny