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Jan 2021

January 19, 2021

January 20, 2021

On Eve of Biden-Harris Inauguration, Alt-Right, Q Anon, and Fascist Clowns Who Have Been Promised the Eternal Dictatorship of Trump are Finding Creative Excuses Why They Will Not Be Leading Attack; Common Cover Story is That Military Coup Has Already Happened, and There Is No Need of Magamuffin “Patriots” to Complete pro-Trump Seizure of Power; Q Followers Increasingly Revealed as Mental Deficients Who Believe in the Great Pumpkin; 

State Capitals Relatively Quiet; In Richmond, Virginia, Annual Lobbying Day Which Drew Substantial Numbers of Gun Freaks Last Year Attracted a Sparse Turnout This Time; Apparently No Domestic Terrorist Presence As in 2020;

Screening of National Guard in DC According to Obvious Due Diligence Yields a Dozen Unreliable Troopers who Have Been Sent Home; Security Forces Appear Relaxed, Getting Cheered by Residents;

Covid Death Toll Under Trump Now Surpasses Total US Deaths from Battle and Sickness in All of the Second World War; Attention from Psychologists Needed to Track Stunning Collapse of Trumpers as Realization of Humiliating Rout Sets In;

January 20 Marks End of Trump Nightmare, but Also End of Mitch McConnell’s Plutocratic Reign of Terror in US Senate;

Sen. Whitehouse Confident that Backlog of Needed Measures that Have Piled Up in Senate Because of Veto by Mitch McConnell’s GOP Billionaires Megadonors;

Senator Manchin of West Virginia Calls for $4 Trillion in Infrastructure Spending for Job Creation and Modernization of US Economy; In Senate Confirmation Hearing, Next Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says This Is No Time to Be Paralyzed by Fear of Deficits and Debt, but Rather the Time to Launch Powerful Stimulus Spending to Reduce Unemployment and Misery Now, Promote Broad and Lasting Economic Recovery; Let’s Make the Federal Reserve Ante Up the $4 Trillion in the Form of 0% Century Bonds, not Treasury Borrowings from Parasitical Wall Street Zombie Banks!

GOP Senators, Congressmen, and Extremist Groups Implicated in January 6 Fascist Mob Attack on Congress Are Begging Trump for Pardons, But Are Getting Rejected by Don Out of Self-Interest;

Trump Will Need Cardboard Cutouts as an Audience to Avoid Absolute Loneliness at His Andrews AFB Swan Song in Early Morning of Wednesday