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Jan 2021

January 18, 2021

January 19, 2021

Impressive Deployment of Police and National Guard around Capitol Hill and in a Dozen State Capitals Has Seemingly Deterred Attacks by Armed Fascist Gangs on Institutional Targets for the Moment; Countermeasures Include Ideological Evaluations of National Guardsmen to Identify Possible Trump Fanatics; Alt-Right Plug-Uglies Camouflage Themselves as Gentle Pacifists as They Flee towards the Hills to Escape Roundup; You Can’t Fight Fascism According to Marquis of Queensbury Rules; And Why is Pillow Pusher Still So Obsessed with Installing Michael Ellis as Top NSA-Cybercommand Lawyer Against Resistance from Pelosi?

Time to Celebrate the Imminent End of the Trump Nightmare and the Coming 100 Days of Biden, Likely to be one of the Very Best Debuts Since Franklin D. Roosevelt; Biden’s Economic-Pandemic Program Includes $400 to Fight Covid, $15 Minimum Wage, $400 per Week Federal Jobless, $1,400 per Taxpayer Emergency Payment, and Freeze of Student Loan Payments and Eviction of Tenants, Plus Increases in Food Stamps, Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Child Care Tax Credit; Biden Claims Package Will Lift 12 Million Out of Poverty, Including 5 Million Children;

Three Things Biden Must Take Care to Especially Avoid: Anything that Looks like a Kow-Tow to China; Any Energy Austerity Peddled in the Name of Climate Change; Any Sellouts to Wall Street, Such as Obama’s Foolish Approach to Foreclosures Crisis by Helping Financiers, Not Tenants Thrown Out on the Street; US Needs a New Frazier-Lemke Act to Keep People in Their Homes;

Swamp King Trump Readies Avalanche of Pardons for Unrepentant Criminal Perpetrators – 100 Times Worse than Clinton’s Pardon of Marc Rich! 

Dr. King was an Organizer for National Unity, Including Movements for Civil Rights, Labor and Trade Union Rights, and an End to the War in Vietnam; He Fought to Advance Universal Values for All People, Above and Beyond Diversity and Particularism