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Jan 2021

January 16, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

January 17, 2021

Four Days to Biden Inauguration in the Shadow of Armed Fascist Gangs; Police in 50 State Capitals and Washington DC on Alert for Pro-Trump Violence; Coast Guard Patrols on Potomac and DC Metro Stations Shut; Michigan State Police Detect Credible Threat of Terrorist Attack; This Is a Good Time to Move Inaugural Ceremony Indoors at White House; Probe of GOP Congressional Fifth Column in Aiding Attackers Continues;

Senate Trial of Trump Must Begin Immediately to Keep Him Pinned Down and Boxed in During Last Critical Days of Odious Regime; Nukes Can Be Launched in Minutes, So Don’t Leave a Deranged Person Alone in White House with Nuclear Button; Pillow Pusher Scribbles about Martial Law; Last Chance for Putin and Xi to Cash in on Their Investments;

Lesson of 1920s-1930s: Harsh Treatment and Merciless Ostracism Are Needed the Sooner the Better to Isolate and Demoralize the Storm Troopers Who Threaten Civilization; Classic Tendency of Police and Some Reactionary Officials to Fraternize with Fascist Goons Against Working People Already Noted Between World Wars;

But US Society Is Showing Healthy Response of Disgust and Revulsion for Trump-GOP Attempt to Destroy Traditional Reliance on Elections; Dozens of Fortune 500 Companies and Trade Associations Cut Funding; Domestic Terrorists to Be Added to No-Fly List; Trump Country Clubs Boycotted; Pariah Status Approaches as Pew Poll Shows 29% Approval for Don; End of GOP in Sight;

Alt-Right Incendiaries Try to Evade Responsibility with Fairy Tale that They Were Duped into Rioting Despite Their Pristine Peaceful Intentions; But Who Forced Them to Be Violent?

Sociology of the Magamuffins from Machiavelli to the Present: A Hapless Underclass of Immiserated, Anarchistic, and Marginal Elements, Some Left Over from Earlier Economic Forms, Who Are Incapable of Class Consciousness; They Seldom Enter Politics Except as Strikebreakers or Pawns of Oppressive Finance Capital; But They Can Be Rehabilitated;

Mussolini Seized Power by Largely Legal Means during March on Rome in October 1922, but Did Not Establish a Full Dictatorship Until Mid-1925; Hitler Seized Power by Largely Legal Means in January 1933, but Did Not Acquire Ability to Suspend the Constitution and Rule by Decree Until Late March 1933; Task Now is to Prevent Trump from Completing the Second (Autogolpe) Phase by Removing Him from Power; US Institutions Must Prove Equal to Challenge!