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Jan 2021

January 14, 2021

January 15, 2021

In Fading Twilight of Trump, US Faces Ordeal of Destabilization over Interval of January16-20; National Mall Closed as Fences and Barriers Are Constructed; The Better Part of Valor Is to Stay Home: Don’t Become Cannon Fodder for Trump;

Investigations of Capitol Insurrection Reveal Evidence of Pre-Planning; Many Fascists Knew Exactly What They Were Doing; The Role of Giuliani Faction of FBI, Centered in New York City Field Office, also Compels Attention; 6,000 National Guards Are Already in Washington DC, with Total Likely to Reach 20,000 by Weekend;

Biden Proposes $2 Trillion Emergency Pandemic Relief Package; Highlights Include $70 Million for Covid Shots and Testing, $15 Minimum Wage, $400 per Week Jobless Supplement, An Additional $1,400 per Taxpayer Stimulus, Assistance to Renters and a Halt to Evictions, Money for Child Care and Child Tax Credits, Expanded Earned Income Tax Credit, Cheaper Obamacare Premiums, Restored Paid Sick and Family Leave, $50 Billion for Small Business, $350 Billion in Aid to State and Local Governments, and 15% Increase in Food Stamp (SNAP) Payments; In Aggregate, About $1 Trillion Will Go to Workers and Families; Don’t Let Republican Traitors Hijack This Money in Your Hour of Need!

Lincoln’s Second Inaugural: In 1861,”Insurgent agents were in the City Seeking to Destroy [the Nation]”; One Party “Would Make War Rather than Let the Nation Survive, and the Other Would Accept War Rather than Let It Perish;”

Breaking: Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder among a Dozen Indicted in Flint Water Deaths; Failed Gateway Executive Installed “Emergency Managers”, i.e., Petty Dictators to Rule in the Name of the Bondholders in Flint, Detroit, Benton Harbor, and other Jurisdictions