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Jan 2021

January 13, 2021

January 14, 2021

House Votes to Impeach Trump a Second Time by 232-197, with an Historic High of Ten Republican Defectors Joining In; Trump Claims He Never Wanted the Violence He Fomented; Process Arguments, Lies, and Abject Whining: House GOP Lacks Any Serious Arguments to Defend the Egregious Betrayal of Last Wednesday; National Unity Cannot Be Founded on the Appeasement of Militant Fascists;

McConnell Hints at Speedy Trial for Trump, but then Reneges, Citing January 19 as Earliest Possible Trial Date; Other Reports Suggest McConnell and His 20-Senator Faction Still Favor Conviction; But McConnell is Now the Lamest of Lame Ducks, as Georgia Counties Must Certify Results for Warnock and Ossoff; When They Are Seated, Senate Will Be 50-50, Ready for Murkowski or Romney to Flip the Majority against Trump;

Trump Submarines on the Hill: Rep. Nadler Warns House of Members Who May Have Served as Informers in Fascist Attack on Capital; AOC Feared Betrayal of Her Location to Fascist Hooligans Seeking Her Demise; Rep. Mikie Sherrill Points to January 5 Tours of Capital Enabled by GOP Reps for Extremist Leaders as Possible Recon Missions for Purposes of Casing the Joint; Scrutiny for GOP Congressmen Brooks, Biggs, and Gosar and “Stop the Steal” Demagogue; Death Threats to Republicans to Deter Pro-Impeachment Votes; 

In Mid-April 1861, Newly-Formed Loyal Regiments from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New York Rushed to Answer Lincoln’s Call for 75,000 Volunteers to Save the Union; The First Battle of the Civil War Pitted a Massachusetts Regiment against the Baltimore “Blood Tubs,” a Gang of Local Criminals Who Sought to Stop Rail Traffic to Washington DC from Philadelphia and New York; US Regiments Got Guns and Ammunition, and Slept Overnight in the Capitol; The Soldiers Were Greeted and Thanked by Lincoln, Seward, and Secretary of War Simon Cameron, with Lincoln Shaking Hands with Each Trooper