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Jan 2021

January 12, 2021

January 13, 2021

On Impeachment Eve, Republican Retreat Turns Into Rout!

House Democrats Ready to Vote Wednesday for Second Trump Impeachment and Have the Votes; Prospects for Significant Support from GOP Members Much Enhanced by pro-Impeachment Vote Announced by Liz Cheney, Who Ranks Third in Republican House Hierarchy; Reps. Katko of Syracuse, New York and Kintzinger of Illinois Announce Anti-Trump Votes; Cheney Says House Whip Operation Will Regard this as a Vote of Conscience;

Pence Pre-Emptively Rejects Use of XXV Amendment to Oust Don Even as House is Voting to Demand that He Act;

Unconfirmed Reports from NYT and CNN Say Outgoing Senate Republican Leader McConnell Recognizes that Trump Has Committed Impeachable Crimes; Mitch Is “Pleased” by Prospect of Trump’s Impeachment, which can Facilitate Finally Pushing Don Out of GOP; Real Test is Whether Mitch and His Faction Will Vote to Convict, Remove, and Bar from Future Federal Office;

McConnell’s Newfound Clarity of Moral Vision Has Doubtless Been Assisted by the Dozens of Blue Chip and Fortune 500 Companies Who Are Cutting Back on Their Financial Contributions and other Forms of Support for GOP Explicitly Based on Demand to Stop Lies About Vote Fraud and Stolen Election; Republican Supply Line of Big Money Donations in Grave Danger; Cumulus Broadcasting aka Westwood One Demands Their Reactionary Talkers Stop Harping on Trump Themes; Other Reports Suggest 20 GOP Senators Are “Open” to Conviction; Trial Could Be Fast Tracked by McConnell and Schumer under Emergency Mechanism; Fourteenth Amendment Can Be Used to Brand Trump as Rebel Excluded from Future Federal Office;

Did Republican Congressmen Help the Fascist Mob Locate Democratic Members’ Unmarked Offices?; JCS Statement Confirms Biden is Next President, Heading off Trump Meddling;

The Answer to 1984 is 1776 Supplemented by 1865, the Crushing of Secessionists and Racists at Appomattox!