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Feb 2021

February 4, 2021

February 5, 2021

Biden Launches New Foreign Policy Based on Reconstruction of Alliances; Breaking Sharply with Trump’s Appeasement Line, US Demands Russia Release Jailed Opposition Leader Navalny; This Can Be Based on Human Rights Basket Three of Helsinki Final Act of 1975; No More US Military Role in the Genocidal Saudi War on Yemen, which Has Generated Some 233,000 Dead and Inflicted Food Insecurity on 20 Million More; This Trump’s War; No Blanket Charge of Terrorism against the Shiite Houthi Rebels; US Demands that Burmese Generals Give Up Power and Refrain from Violence; Communist China Emerges as Main Sponsor of Mynanmar Coup; Biden Confident US Will Prevail over Beijing; 

Defense Secretary Austin will Carry Out Worldwide Review of US Military Posture; No Reductions in US Forces in Germany before this Study Has Been Completed; Focus is Broadened to Include Indo-Pacific;

Biden Must Go Full Speed Ahead to Pass $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Relief; GOP Gambits All Boil Down to Sabotage and Delay; No Need for Romney’s Weak and Inadequate “Family Security Act”, Since Biden’s Own Child Tax Credit Increase Can Already Cut Child Poverty by about 50%, Far More than Romney’s Plan; Question Remains: How Many Americans Are Supposed to Die in Search of Chimera of Bipartisanship, Meant only to Prop Up the Moribund GOP, Prime Vehicle of Sedition;

Warren Wants New Education Secretary Cardona to Use Administrative Cancellation to Wipe Out $50,000 per Debtor in Student Loan Debt; Move Would Win a Whole Generation as Democratic Voters; Pay for it with a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax!

White House Briefing Suggests that US Concern about Covid Vaccinations Goes No Further than the American People, which Is Hardly the Language of Alliances and Cooperation; Psaki Strikes the Wrong Tone Again;

National Bolsheviks and Fascists for MAGA: Lead Impeachment Manager Raskin Notes that “Extremist Elements in Russia and Germany View the Storming of the Capitol as a Great Victory for 21st Century Fascism;” 

Breaking: Rep. Greene Banished from House Committees by Vote of 230-199, with 11 Republicans Joining Democrats;