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Feb 2021

February 9, 2021

February 10, 2021

Trump Finally in the Dock!

Senate Votes 56-44 to Affirm Constitutionality of Trump Impeachment; Murkowski, Romney, Collins, Sasse, Toomey, and Now Cassidy Join Democrats; Ever Devious Mitch McConnell Votes to Let Trump Run Wild;

Sum Total of Argument by Trump Attorneys is that He Is Immune from Trial Because He Is Now a Private Citizen, So Senate Action Now Amounts to a Bill of Attainder, which Is Expressly Forbidden by the Constitution; But This Amounts to an Illegal January Exception in the Final Phase of a Lame Duck President’s Term: When You Are About to Give Up Power, Try a Bloody Fascist Putsch and Maybe You Can Stay in Power, with No Impeachment to Fear; Plus, If You Succeed You Will Be Immune Under DoJ Opinion that President Cannot Be Indicted; Parallels to the Purge Movies Abound;

GOP Lawyers Bewail Attempted Disenfranchisement of 74 Million Trump Voters, but Have No Qualms with Their Own Plan to Disenfranchise 82 Million Biden Backers;

Hastings and Belknap Precedents Show That Ex-Officials Were Frequently Impeached; Reactionary Legal Theory Has Been Based on Textualism and Originalism, But Trump Attorneys Failed in this Regard;

Don’s Leadoff Counsel Caster Filled His Hour with Crackerbarrel Anecdotes of Homespun Philistinism to Hide Utter Lack of Arguments; Angry Legal Pedant Schoen Acts Out Anger and Twists Himself Into a Pretzel to Avoid Clear References to Disqualification In Constitution; Raskin, Neguse, and Cicilline Highly Effective for Democrats;

GOP Racist Whataboutism Targets Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Al Green and other Pro-Impeachment Black Democrats; Always the Victim, Trump Whines About Poor Quality of His Defense; His Lawyers Made No Claim Today that He Won the Election; 

Bernard Bailyn’s Ideological Origins of the American Revolution Becomes an Issue; Constitutional Convention Was Indeed Wary of Ochlochcracy and Mob Rule, Based on the Horrors of Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil War