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Feb 2021

February 8, 2021

February 9, 2021

Biden Presses Congress to Advance $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Rescue Bill Despite GOP Sabotage; Congressional Republicans Are Trying Obstructionism at Every Turn; But Democratic Opposition to $15 Minimum Wage is also at Work; House Progressives Fight to Keep $15 Alive; Bernie Sanders Is Doing Yeoman Service; Many Republican Governors Favor the Bill, which has $350 Billion for States, Counties, and Cities;

Media Clowns Are Still Babbling about Bipartisanship – Somebody Remind Them that the Iraq AUMF, Possibly the Worst Bill in Recent History, was Backed by a Thoroughly Bipartisan Coalition! Constant Mantra Shows Political and Moral Bankruptcy of Corporate Media in Post-Trump Era; 

Larry Summers, Who Helped Inflict Devastating IMF Shock Therapy on Yeltsin’s Russia, is Trying to Scare the Public with the Bugaboo of Inflation, which Has Been Dormant in Recent Years; But Inflation Is Most Feared by the Rich, not by Those Who Are Crushed by Debt;

Trump Trial on Tuesday: After Preliminary Votes, a Four-Hour Debate on the Constitutionality of Convicting and Disqualifying an Ex-Tenant of the Oval; GOP Argument is Patently Absurd; Writing in Wall Street Journal, Key Republican Lawyer Demolishes Premise of Trump’s Defense; Decision on Witnesses Comes Later;

Desperate for a Leftist Riot to Enable Another Round of Whataboutism, GOP Sympathizers Hype Insignificant Street Protests in Logan Circle Area of Capital; Real Message is Need to Establish Civilian Climate Corps and Works Progress Administration with Job Creation Paid for by Fed!