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Feb 2021

February 27, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

February 28, 2021

House Passes $1.9 Trillion Emergency Pandemic Rescue Package by 219-212 Vote; Measure Includes $15 Federal Minimum Wage, with Pelosi Defying Reactionary Senate Rules; Reforms Can Create 7 Million Jobs and Cut Child Poverty in Half; All Republicans and Two Democrats Oppose the Bill, Despite Polling that Shows 76% of Americans, 60% of Republicans, 90% of Democrats, and 71% of Independents in Support, Biden Calls on Senators for Immediate Approval; Republicans again on Wrong Side of History; Administration Must Not Delay $3 Trillion Infrastructure and Public Works, Using the Federal Reserve for 0%, Long-Term Credit;

Democrats Must Have Strong Anti-Austerity Achievements for All Americans to Run on in 2022, while Absurd Myth of GOP as Party of Working People Under Blue Collar Billionaire is Reduced to Dust and Ashes; Kamala Harris Must Override Staff Opinion on Model of Earlier Vice Presidents Humphrey and Rockefeller;

What New Hell Slouches towards Orlando to Be Born? GOP Ogres on Parade at CPAC Annual Meeting; Event Grovels Before Golden Trump; 

Fight the Looming Austerity Dictatorship of the Unelected, Unaccountable Senate Staffer; Senate Rules Are Not a Suicide Pact to Benefit the Grim Reaper; Now is the Time for the Progressives to Engage; 

Signs of New Energy in Probe of January 6 Coup Attempt; FBI Closing in on Accused Cop Killer; Lesson from 1920 Fascist Kapp-Putsch is to Deter Repeat Performances by Making Sure Ringleaders Go to Prison