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Feb 2021

February 24, 2021

February 25, 2021

House Set to Vote Friday on $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Rescue Bill; Latest Poll Shows 76% of All Voters and 60% of GOP Support Rescue Bill, But Republicans under Mitch are Determined to Wreck the Measure; Hill Awaits Ruling from Senate Parliamentarian, Who Holds Fate of US in Her Hands; Minimum Wage Helps Federal Budget by Reducing Reliance on Food Stamps and Local Welfare by Low-Wage Workers, So Pass it under Budget Reconciliation!

Q Anon True Believers Assert that Mar a Lago Now Houses a Duplicate, Parallel White House Governing US Under Trump’s Command, Meaning that Biden was Never Really Inaugurated; Because of Q Anon’s Abysmal Batting Average in Predictions, Another Big Public Test for the Pro-Trump Oracle is Fast Approaching: They Claim that Trump is Still in Power and Preparing a Comeback in the Form of His Own Inauguration for His Second Term on March 4, the Pre-FDR Inauguration Day; But Will Q Deliver?; If GOP Merges with Q Anon, will Reactionary Camp be Stronger or Weaker? 

This Rejection of Reality Recalls the Pretenders Who Claimed They Were the Rightful Heirs to European Thrones; Most Frequent Examples Were Found in Tsarist Russia, from the False Dimitri During the Time of Troubles to the Don Cossack Emilian Pugachov, Who Spearheaded a 1770s Peasant Insurrection on the Lower Volga Against Catherine the Great; Pugachov Assembled a Court of Miracles that Tried to Duplicate the Imperial Court in St. Petersburg: Pugachov Claimed to Be Tsar Peter III, the Husband Eliminated by Catherine; There Were also Fake Courtiers and Fake Nobles; Paintings Show How Capital Punishment was Meted Out by Rebels; Pugachov Did Not Last Long;