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Feb 2021

February 23, 2021

February 24, 2021

US Attempting to Reverse International Damage Wrought by Trump Regime; EU Announces Imminent Sanctions against Four Unspecified Russian Officials Implicated in Poisoning of Opposition Leader Navalany; US Expected to Join In with Major Counterstrokes against Kremlin by Invoking the Magnitsky Act and/or US Laws Against Chemical Weapons Proliferation;

Defense Secretary Austin Orders Review of Force Posture Regarding China and Pacific; Study is Directed by Long-Time Biden Aide and China Hawk Ely Ratner; Chinese Diplomats Assume Vitriolic and Strident Tones as Foreign Minister Yang Denies Existence of Genocide Camps; Austin also Probing Fascist Networks in US Military, Culminating in Standdown; B-1 Bombers in Norway and 2 Aegis Destroyers in Black Sea Show Solidarity with Allies; 

Answer to DPRK Missile Buildup is in Orbit Lasers, not Vain Attempts to Get Kim to Disarm;

In Myanmar, a General Strike Protests Putsch by Generals Backed by Chinese and Russian Imperialists; Strikers Appeal to United States for Protection; Blinken Promises Firm Action; Yellen Talks of Escalating Sanctions against Putschists; 

With Trump’s Tax Returns on the Way from Mazars Accountants to DA Cyrus Vance and Pomerantz in Manhattan, a Concrete Possibility of Criminal Trial of Former Tenant of White House for Banking, Insurance, and Tax Fraud; Don’s Multi-Decade Battle for Financial Secrecy Ending in Utter Disaster;

On January 6, ex-Capitol Police Chief Sund Claims Key FBI Warning Never Reached Him; Pentagon Bigwigs Blocked Calls from Sund, DC Metro Police and Hogan to Deploy DC National Guard to Hold Off Fascists; Outrageous Excuses About Not Liking the “Optics” and the Planning Were Offered by DoD; Questions about the Role of Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, Brother of Trump’s Fired NSC Boss Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Who Was on the Scene-