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Feb 2021

February 22, 2021

February 23, 2021

Corporate Media Hype Perspective of Economic Growth This Year Higher than the Meager 1.9% per Year of Past Two Decades; Wall Street Sees Convergence of Falling Death Rates Due to New Vaccines, Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Emergency Aid Bill, and Pent-Up Demand After Lockdowns; 

Biden Said to Be Preparing to Launch $3 Trillion Infrastructure Spending Package Centering on Infrastructure, Energy, Domestic Manufacturing, and Care for Children and Seniors; Use 1% Wall Street Sales to Prevent Zombie Bankers and Hedge Fund Hyenas from Filching Rescue and Stimulus Money; Don’t Borrow from Wall Street, but Get Cash from Federal Reserve at 0% over Whatever Maturities Are Required; Don’t Let Pedantry of Senate Parliamentarian Sabotage America’s Future by Ruling that $15 Minimum Can’t Pass Through Budget Reconciliation;

In Grotesque Spectacle of Hypocrisy, Trump Stooges Cruz and Hawley Feign Deep Concern over Future Politicization of Department of Justice under Nominee Merrick Garland; Cornyn still Obsessed by Steele Dossier!; In House Hearings, Boebert and other Republicans Pledge to Block $1.9 Trillion in Emergency Aid and the American People Be Damned;

Press Repeats Fallacy of Healthy US Economy in 2019, Ignoring New York Fed Policy of Injecting Trillions of Overnight Loans to Prevent Crash of Wall Street Market Starting in September 2019;

Supreme Court Won’t Stop Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance from Getting Trump’s Financial and Tax Records for Criminal Probe; Justices also Won’t Tamper with Pennsylvania Ballots, with Alito, Kavanaugh, and Thomas Dissenting;

Biden White House Commemorates 500,000 Pandemic Victims; This Total Approaches the 620,000 Total American Dead in the Civil War of 1861-1865, Up to Now the Most Deadly American Tragedy