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Feb 2021

February 20, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

February 20, 2021

As Post-Trump Era Begins, Signs of Positive Turn in Direction of World Events Away from Fascist Nihilism, Pessimism, and Despair Towards Rationality; World Affairs Starting to Stabilize under Biden as US Abandons Wrecking Role of Last Administration; Russian and Chinese Designs for International Anarchy Can Now Be Checked; Claims by Totalitarian Powers of Decline and Decadence of US Democracy Refuted;

NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and European Partners – Meaning Federal Government and US Allies, Not Parasitical Billionaires – Accomplish Spectacular Feat of Landing Mars Rover Perseverance on Mars after 300 Million Mile, 6 Month Voyage; Perseverance is Most Capable Rover Ever, Equipped with Helicopter and Drill for Underground Samples; Mars Rocks will be Collected; Steady Stream of Fascinating Photos and Data Expected Over Coming Months; Free World Beats Out China to Red Planet;

US Economic Recovery Now within Reach as Biden Shows Determination to Pass $1.9 Billion Rescue Bill despite GOP Sabotage; $15 Minimum Wage is Now Central Issue; 

Republican Party in Crisis as Trump Attacks Mitch, Who Embodies GOP’s Vital Money Pipeline from Reactionary Megadonor Billionaires to Candidates and Advertising; Texas-Cruz Debacle Is Case Study of Bankruptcy of Anti-Government, pro-Speculation Thinking Under Globalization;

US Returns to World Affairs at NATO, G-7, and Munich Security Conferences; State Department Working to End Genocidal Yemen War Trump Enabled MBS to Unleash; 

A Bad Day for the Kremlin and Beijing: Biden Proclaims US Will Respect NATO Article Five Pledge of Mutual Aid for Allies, Stresses End of America First aka America Alone; Discusses Need for Public Health Cooperation and Joint Opposition to Beijing and Moscow; Europe Welcomes Junking of Trump Interlude; Concept of “Westlessness” as Discussed at Recent Munich Conferences Is Obsolescent; 

Traditional American Optimism Rooted in Leibniz and Franklin: Scientific Knowledge Exists, Can Be Acquired, and Can Improve Human Life and Human Civilization;