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Feb 2021

February 2, 2021

February 3, 2021

GOP Gang of Ten Uses the Usual Republican Tricks to Sabotage Biden’s Opening Legislative Gambit, the Urgently Needed $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Relief Bill; Comments from President and White House Reject the Ten’s Proposal as Far too Meager for the Present Emergency;

One Week Before Trump’s Impeachment Trial Begins, Lawyers Submit Legal Briefs; On Trump’s New Legal Team, Attorney David Schoen Was Recruited by Jeffrey Epstein to Lead His Defense; On His Website, Schoen Lists Some of the Famous Defendants He Has Defended, Including the Boss of One of New York’s Five Crime Families, plus the World Capo of the Italian Mafia and the American Leaders of the Russian and Israeli Mafia; Do Q-Anon Who Prate about Draining the Swamp Smell a Fault?

Trump’s Tired and Discredited Arguments Include the Absurd Claim that Trump Cannot Be Tried as a Private Citizen; But Impeachment Started when He Was Still in Office, and Main Issue is His Disqualification for Future Federal Office; Trump Sure to Claim Landslide Victory in 2020 Election; Democratic Case to Concentrate on Evoking Psychological Truth of Trump’s Crimes;

Chinese Communists Strictly Limit WHO Inspectors in Wuhan; International Organizations Have Long Had Bad Record in Resisting Tyranny; By Late 1930s, Nazis and Fascists Were in Control of League of Nations, Bank for International Settlements, and Interpol!

Breaking: Moscow Court Sends Navalny Back to Jail for Two and a Half Years; His Powerful Speech Declares Bankruptcy of Putin’s Oppressive Regime; Blinken Condemns Kangaroo Court Verdict