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Feb 2021

February 18, 2021

February 19, 2021

In Masterpiece of Engineering and Telemetry, NASA Mars Lander Successfully Touches Down on Red Planet after Seven-Month Voyage with Most Advanced Rover Ever; NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory Successfully Solved Problem of Decelerating from Interplanetary Cruising Velocity to Landing Speed in Just Minutes; Parachute and Complex “Sky Crane” Combine for Flawless Landing; Rover “Perseverance” is Vast Improvement over Earlier Designs; Mission is to Search for Evidence of Former Life Forms in Martian Terrain;

Cultural Importance of NASA’s Success Includes Revival of Reliance on Human Reason as against Fascist Irrationality and Q-Anon Mysticism; Scientific Optimism is American Way from Benjamin Franklin to Today; Decline of the West is not Destiny; Decadence of Democratic Nations is Greatly Exaggerated by Dictatorships;

“Go Big”: In Friday Meeting of Revived G-7 (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, and US), Biden and Yellen to Press for Heavy-Duty Stimulus to Speed Recovery and Revive Free World Economies; Coordinated Worldwide Response to Pandemic, Including Vaccine Production, PPE and Supplies, and Meeting Chinese Threat through Investment and Economic Growth; Huawei Must Be Banned from Western Economies;

At NATO Defense Ministers’ Meeting, Pentagon Chief Austin Renews US Commitment to Atlantic Alliance after Years of Wrecking and Provocations by Trump; German Defense Minister Warns against Cut and Run from Afghanistan; Biden and Blinken Must Convince Munich Security Conference (aka Wehrkunde Society) to Unite Against the China Threat;

State Department Working to Shut Down Genocidal Yemen War that Trump Approved; Houthi Rebels Dropped from US Terrorist List; US Navy Freedom of Navigation Ops in Taiwan Straits are More Intense under Biden than Trump; US, France, Britain, and Germany Show their Flags in Far East; Russians Launch Crazy Ivan Maneuvers against French Planes over Black Sea; 

Biden meets AFL-CIO Leader Trumka and Other Union Chiefs; Administration is Purging Trump’s Union-Busters from NLRB and Federal Impasse Panel; Key Votes on $1.9 Trillion Covid Rescue Bill and $15 Minimum Wage Imminent-