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Feb 2021

February 16, 2021

February 17, 2021

Biden Wisconsin Speech Demands Congress Proceed to Early Passage of $1.9 Trillion; Protection against Foreclosures Expires on March 15, Giving Lawmakers a Clear Deadline; $15 Minimum Wage is Essential; In Washington DC Area, TV Ads for Extended Open Season for Obamacare at Lower Premiums Show Effects of Executive Orders;

NBC News Reports that US and Western Intelligence Agencies Cannot Rule Out Origin of Covid Virus in Wuhan Laboratory; This Undermines WHO’s Beijing-Inspired Whitewash of Pandemic Origins, which Ruled Out Lab Events and Suggested Zoonotic Sources, but Conveniently Outside of China; G-7 and NATO Meetings This Week Must Press for Full Disclosure;

GOP Internal Strife Continues, with Eleven Hill Republicans Censured So Far by Party Committees;

Breaking: Trump Attacks McConnell as “Dour, Sullen, Unsmiling, Political Hack” Who Has No Credibility against Beijing Because of His Extensive Chinese Business Interests; This is an Indirect Swipe at Mitch’s Wife Elaine Chao, a Member of Trump’s Cabinet; Trump’s Self-Destructive Folly: His Outburst Threatens to Cut Vital GOP Money Supply Line from Megadonors to Candidates, which Runs Through McConnell; Disrupting Money Logistics is Threat to GOP Survival!