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Feb 2021

February 13, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

February 13, 2021

Pyrrhic Acquittal for GOP by 57-43 in Trump Trial: Republican Extinction is Brought Closer as Party Suffers 7 Defections: Burr, Cassidy, Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse, Toomey; McConnell, Maneuvering Frantically Between Billionaire Megadonors Horrified by Don and Devoted Fascist Hooligans in Party Base, Votes to Acquit on Irrelevant Technicality, but Then Concedes that Case Against Trump Is Proven, Making Him Deserving Criminal Prosecution; But Constitution is Not a Suicide Pact; GOP Is Politically and Ideologically Bankrupt; Trump Stooges Cruz and Hawley Come Out Reviled and Discredited; Nikki Haley Astutely Takes Lead for 2024 Nod by Repudiating Trump;

Senate Votes 55-45 to Call Witnesses; Raskin Succeeds in Stipulating McCarthy Call for Help as Damning Evidence, but Cannot Break Stonewall of GOP Witnesses: “The Witnesses Have All Gone Cold,” Suggesting They Would Fight Subpoenas in Court Over Months, Helping McConnell’s Strategy of Blocking Biden;

Trump May Think He’s Going to Iowa, but Schumer Suggests Dems May Use Fourteenth Amendment (Section 3, Disability Clause) to Declare Him as Rebel in Violation of Oath to US and Bar Him from Future Office by Simple Majority Vote; 

Trump Must Now Face Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr.’s Financial Probe, and Atlanta DA Fani Willis’ Investigation of His Violation of Georgia Election Law Through Threatening Phone Calls to State Government Officials;

Trump’s Cynical Contempt for Lives of Pence and His Family in Setting Them Up as Targets for Lynch Mob Has Alarmed GOP Bosses, Since Pence Is Their Direct Line to Evangelical Leaders and Voters; As January 6 Arrests Pass 200, Pro-Trump Fascist Gangs Are on the Hotseat;

Congress Must Now Enact Biden’s $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Bill, and also Approve Enhanced Obamacare Subsidies;

On Presidents’ Day, Lessons for Biden from James Monroe (In Office 1817-1825), Who Presided Over Extinction of the Degenerate Federalist Party, which Ceased to Exist During His First Term, Opening the Celebrated Era of Good Feelings; Monroe Was Re-Elected in 1820, Running Virtually Unopposed; After Hartford Convention, Federalists – Like GOP Today - Were Regarded as Party of Treason; Monroe Pursued National Unity from the Grass Roots Up, not Through Cynical Federalist Politicians; He Realized Federalists After 1815 Were Determined to Overthrow the Constitution and Install a Monarchy or Dictatorship, Just Like the GOP Today; Monroe Denied Federalists Cabinet Posts, Patronage Jobs, Sought-After Appointments, and Federal Recognition; On His National Goodwill Tour and Especially in Boston, ex-Federalists Flocked to Meet Monroe and Beg Absolution for Their Numerous Political Crimes, as GOP Should Do Now; Monroe Implemented American System Demand for Second Bank of the United States along Hamiltonian Lines; Under Monroe, Internal Improvements and Infrastructure Advanced Powerfully, Including the Decisive Erie Canal (1821); He Also Promulgated the Monroe Doctrine, Drawn Up by John Quincy Adams-