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Feb 2021

February 10, 2021

February 11, 2021

Impeachment Managers Show January 6 Fascist Assault on Capitol Occurred at Moment When Trump Had Run Out of Non-Violent Options to Overturn 2020 Election; Dramatic New Films Leave No Doubt about the Homicidal Intent of the Fascist Mob; Trump’s Cynical Indifference to the Survival of Pence and Family; White House Organized the Mob, Knew The Fascists Were Eager for Violence, and Spurred Them on to Capitol Hill; Trump’s Malfeasance and Non-Feasance While Rioters Controlled Building; His Conviction is Imperative;

Saving the Postal Service After Trump’s Massive Sabotage: Democrat and Former Obama Official Ron Bloom Elected as Chairman of the USPS Board with Support from Biden, Setting the Stage for Constituting a Democratic Majority and Ousting Saboteur Louis deJoy as Postmaster General; Congress Must Roll Back Hastert’s 2006 Wrecking Plan Requiring Pre-Payment of Medical Costs, which Aims at Bankrupting the Post Office as a Prelude to Privatization and Asset-Stripping; DeJoy Has Ruined On-Time Delivery Performance Since Taking Over Last Summer, and is Planning Further Wrecking of the Agency; If Transition is Delayed, Biden Must Not Hesitate to Simply Fire deJoy;

From Catiline to Berlusconi: How Insolvency and Loss of Social Status Lead to Radicalization; 60% Rioters Arrested Reveals Foreclosures, Crushing Debt, and Troubled Finances; Parallels to Perot’s 1992 Base of Stock Brokers, Real Estate Brokers, and Insurance Brokers, and their Dependence on Finance Capital; Middle Class Dropouts Risk Falling into the Lumpenproletariat;