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Dec 2020

December 8, 2020

December 9, 2020

As Trump’s Legal Options Run Out, Supreme Court Curtly Refuses to Grant Certiorari Review to GOP Rep. Mike Kelly’s Bid to Throw Out Votes Cast in Pennsylvania Nov. 3; Pro-Trump Frivolous Lawsuit Could Apparently Not Get Four Votes Needed for Supremes to Hear Arguments, an Ominous Sign for Don’s Hopes of Rescue; 
Next High Court Gambit Sees Texas Suing Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania to Prevent Their Electors From Voting in Electoral College on December 14; In Quarrels Among States, Constitution Gives Original Jurisdiction to Supremes, Who Will Have to Decide Quickly; Paxton Wants Texas to Dictate Voting Policies and Other Internal Policies to Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania; Strange GOP Notion of Federalism;
Texas AG Paxton, Still Facing Charges For Securities Fraud and Smarting from Accusations of Criminal Activity from His Own Staff, Seeks to Argue This Absurd Case Before Supremes; Speculation Rife that Paxton Is Seeking Pardon from Trump to Escape the Hoosegow;
Safe Haven: Electors from States Certifying Election Result by Today Are Deemed Unassailable; All Six Battleground States Have Certified; Certificates Are Posted by National Archives on Electoral College Results/Electoral College Certificates and Votes by State
Calling Injections and Shots “Jabs” According to British Usage is Linguistic Barbarism and May Disorient Public;
From Pearl Harbor Day to Safe Haven Day: How Trump’s Gaslights Went Dim; With MAGA Facing Shipwreck in Days, What Comes Next for the Hapless Orphans of Trump’s Counter-Revolution?