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Dec 2020

December 7, 2020

December 8, 2020

Anarchoid UK Regime of Boris Johnson aka BoJo Courts Catastrophic No Deal Brexit in Bid to Begin Pulling Apart European Union; Goal is Lawless, anti-Union and Deregulated Britain as Offshore Banking Center for Russia, China, and Underworld; This Week is Likely Last Chance for Starting Orderly Trading Relationship, with BoJo on Last Chance Mission to European Commission in Brussels; Suspicion Hardens that BoJo Has Wanted Nothing but Chaos All Along; 

Weakened Trump So Far Unable to Intimidate Georgia Statewide Officials to Overturn Vote; Contagious Giuliani Succeeds in Shutting Down State Legislatures of Arizona and Michigan, Instead of Attaining His Goal of Forcing Special Sessions to Thrown Out Citizens’ Votes and Replace Them with Hand-Picked Trump Toadies as Electors; 

Republican Party is Now Home to Fragmented Lunatic Fringe Who Can Be Duped by Competing Forces; Strange Behavior of GOP as Dreamtime of Trump Illusions Crumbles; Scenarios for Future of MAGA True Believers;

Lessons of Pearl Harbor Must Serve as Caution for US Relations with Unstable and Aggressive Despots of Beijing;

Breaking: Reports Say Trump Is Scheming to Upstage Biden Inauguration with Monster Extravaganza; Will the Model Be Leni Riefenstahl’s 1935 Movie Epic?