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Dec 2020

December 5, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

December 5, 2020

Biden Calls for Immediate Approval of $908 Billion Short-Term Pandemic Relief; Demands Republicans Cooperate in Dealing with “Dire, Dire, Dire” Condition of US; More Aid Coming After Inauguration; Death Toll Nears One Full September 11 Per Day; Mitch Blocks Senate, While Trump is AWOL; Hospitals Turning Away Gravely Ill Patients;

MAGA Civil War in Georgia Grows: Will Don Use Saturday Visit to Cripple Campaign for Perdue and Loeffler by Attacking Georgia GOP and Raving about the Futility of Voting in Rigged Elections, Citing His Own Grievances?

Sending Warnock and Ossoff to US Senate is World-Historical Imperative, Indispensable to Secure a Friendly Congress During Biden’s Hundred Days After January 20;

Biden Must Model New Administration on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Initial 100 Days, (March 4 to June 11 1933) which Accomplished Peaceful Revolutionary Change in US Society, Opening Door to Modern World: 15 Major Measures Transformed Banking, Currency, International Economics, Emergency Relief, Federal Job Creation and Infrastructure Under FERA, WPA, TVA and PWA, Farming, Labor Rights, and Repeal of Prohibition;

Biden Should Immediately Push Through $15 Minimum Wage, Federal Creation of Tens of Millions of Productive Jobs with State of the Art Technology Largely Paid for by 0% Long-Term Federal Reserve Financing; Millions of Housing Units Needed; US Must Match and Exceed Standards Set by 1946 Hill-Burton Act, which Prescribed a Minimum of 5.5 Beds per 1,000 Population; Nation Currently Has 2.77 Beds Per Thousand, Ranking #32 in World; End of Economic Globalization Will Result;