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Dec 2020

December 29, 2020

December 30, 2020

McConnell Cynically Turns Back Attempt by Senate Democrats to Pass $2,000 per Person Emergency Payments; GOP Leader Marches as Usual to Tune of Predatory Billionaire Megadonors, not Urgent Needs of the American People; Will Georgia Voters Turn Out to be Smarter than Mitch’s Voters in Kentucky?; 

Mitch’s Extortion Revolves Around Providing Liability Shield for Big Business, Paired with Ending Liability Protection for IT and Social Media Companies Hated by Trump; Loeffler and Purdue Boasted They Were 100% with Trump, But Not When It Came to Increasing Payments to Working People; They Have Now Flip-Flopped Back to $2,000; Mitch Also Demanding Measures against Fantomatic “Voter Fraud”; 

In the Meantime, Pandemic Relief Will Entail Meager Checks of $600 per Taxpayer

Epiphany, the Biblical Arrival of the Three Magi in Bethlehem Celebrated on January 6, is Metaphorically Seen as the Moment of Truth when the Essence of Things is Made Manifest; This Year’s Epiphany Will Reveal Three Key Truths:

First Will Be the Results of the Previous Day’s Georgia Run-Off Elections, which Will Determine Control of the US Senate; A GOP Defeat for Both Seats is Vital;

Second: On January 6, the Congress Must Count the Electoral Votes Cast on December 14 and Sent to Washington; Will pro-Trump Forces Manage to Recruit One Congressman and One Senator to Protest the Slates Sent in by at Least One State?; Can These Objections Pass the Two Houses of Congress?;

Third: Can the Trump Extremists Deliver on the Duce’s Calls for Mass Protests in the Capital while the Votes Are Being Counted?; And Will These Protests Be Violent or Peaceful?

These Three Outcomes Will Provide Much Insight into the Likely Course of 2021