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Dec 2020

December 28, 2020

December 28, 2020

Trump Regime and Republican Party Splintering, with Congressional Lockstep Shattered and Media Cheering Section Increasingly Critical; 

In Landmark Defeat For Lame Duck Regime, House Votes to Override Trump’s Veto of NDAA Pentagon Appropriations Bill, Passing Hurdle of Two Thirds Majority With 322 Yeas, 87 Neas, and 21 Not Voting; 109 GOP Reps Break with Don, with Only 66 Supporting His Erratic Veto; A Meager 26 GOP Reps Who Had Supported Bill Change Sides to Stick with Trump; Texas GOP Rep. Thornberry, Ranking Member of House Armed Services, Urges Veto Override; 

House also Passes Cash Act to Increase Covid Aid from $600 to $2,000 per Taxpayer with Two Thirds Majority of 275-134, with Over 40 GOP Votes; Next Obstacle is Mitch McConnell, the Grim Reaper of the Senate – Break His Power in Georgia Next Week on January 5!;

Pelosi Highlights nearly $1 Trillion for Small Business Already Provided in 2020, Largely through Democratic Efforts; Ultra-Lefts and Corporate Media Snipe at House Leadership, not GOP Wreckers;

Lame Duck Prez Had Yielded to Overwhelming Pressure Sunday Night by Signing $908 Billion Emergency Pandemic Aid as Rider on $1.4 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill; Move was Needed to Avoid Government Shutdown this Week; Trump Tantrum Interrupts Jobless Payments for Unemployed in Many States;

Biden Accuses Trump Gang at Pentagon of Disrupting Transition by Sabotaging Information Flows despite Danger of Domestic Terrorism and Hostile Foreign Ops; 

Trump Claims Deal with Hill GOP to Hamper Electoral Vote Count Next Week on January 6; Will Fascist Gangs Attempt to Provide Pretext for Martial Law?; Rep. Gohmert Sues Pence to Stop Honest Vote Count; Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post Warns Don to “Stop the Insanity” of Coup against Democracy;

Holy Innocents as a Mirror for Current US Regime: In Remembrance of Babies and Children Slain by King Herod to Stay in Power