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Dec 2020

December 23, 2020

December 24, 2020

Going Berserk: Trump Vetoes NDAA Pentagon Funding Bill, Crippling Payments Needed to Defeat Russian Cyberattacks and Resist China; 3% Pay Increase for US Military also Blocked; Main Pretext Cited is Trump’s High Esteem for Confederate Traitors and Insurrectionists Whose Names He Wants Kept on US Military Bases; Good Chance His Veto Can Be Overridden by House Democrats on December 28;

Waiting Unsigned in the On Deck Circle for the Next Trump Veto Pitch is the $908 Emergency Covid Relief Bill, Merged with $1.4 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill that Funds the Federal Government Into the New Year; If Trump Really Wants $2,000 Per Taxpayer Checks, Dems Are Eager to Oblige; But if Trump Vetoes this Package, the Government will Quickly Run Out of Money and a Shutdown Will Result Starting on December 28 and Possibly Extending through January 20; Trump May Want the Shutdown to Maximize Chaos;

With Over 3,000 Americans Dying Every Day, Pence and Half the Cabinet Must Join in Invoking the XXV Amendment to Remove this Incapacitated President before He Starts a War with Iran;

Prime Minister Modi of India Would Be Well Advised to Maintain and Expand the Country’s Minimum Support Price as a Nationwide Parity Price Support Covering all Staple Crops; Parity Represents the Cost of All Inputs plus Reasonable Income for Family Farmers and a Profit Earmarked for Capital Investment; Farm Economies also Require National Irrigation and Transportation Systems to be Viable; Keep Farms Going with a Version of the 1934 Frazier-Lemke Act to Stop Foreclosures and Evictions; Give Debt Relief via a Haircut for the Banks and a Tax on Predatory Financial Interests; Cheap Credit Must Be Provided by Central Bank, and Food Stocks Used Strategically to Support Friends and Allies;

Belated Birthday Wishes to Composer Giacomo Puccini, Born in Lucca on December 22 1858

Breaking: Trump Pardon Spree for Cronies and Enablers Continues