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Dec 2020

December 22, 2020

December 23, 2020

Increasingly Unstable Trump Threatens to Veto $908 Billion Emergency Covid Relief Bill Passed Yesterday by Both Houses, Claiming He Wants to Send $2,000 to Each Taxpayer, Not the $600 Per Person Currently in Bill; Pelosi Calls His Bluff: “Let’s Do It!”

Trump Has Still Not Given up on Autogolpe, Getting Sage Advice from House Extremists Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Louie Gohmert, and Mo Brooks, Who Has Pledged to Lead Objections to Votes from Pro-Biden Swing States at Counting of Electoral Votes on January 6; 

Orange Dotard Presiding These Days Over Frequent Meetings of White House Court of Miracles, Frequented by Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell and Others; Pentagon Nervous with Good Reason over Attempts to Recruit Military for Subversive Efforts; But Just One Colonel or Brigadier General with a Loyal Unit of Fanatics Could Play Hell with the US Government; Time for Measures to Prevent Trump Rampage, as During Final Days of Nixon in 1974;

Will the Failure of Trump, BoJo, and other Demagogues Mark the Beginning of the End of Their Brand Worldwide as US and UK Face Utter Chaos?

Breaking: Trump Pardons a Phalanx of 15 Malefactors and Commutes Five Sentences, with Four Blackwater Mercenaries and Three Republican Congressmen plus Campaign Bigwigs, and Many More Likely to Come