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Dec 2020

December 21, 2020

December 22, 2020

Congress Expected to Pass $908 Billion Emergency Aid Bill Tonight as Down Payment towards Meeting Needs; Measure is Second Largest Relief Bill in US History Second Only to March CARES Act, But Exceeding Legislation Passed During Derivatives Panic of 2008; Entire Hill GOP and Especially 20 Senate Austerity Ghouls Wanted to Vote ZERO Extra Funding for Pandemic; Did Mitch Blink?

House Passes Aid Package by Lopsided Margin; Senate Will Vote within Hours;

Hard-Core Clique of Trump and His Lawyers Continues to Eye Autogolpe under Color of Martial Law; Putschists Gather in the Oval;

Why Did Toomey Fight So Hard to Cripple Many Emergency Lending Powers of Federal Reserve? Why Did Schumer Fight Even Harder to Preserve these Lending Powers, and Ultimately Save Most of Them? Why Did Democrats Sacrifice $160 Billion Urgently Needed by States and Cities to Safeguard Possible Fed Lending?

Our Best Guess Is that Biden Forces Could Be Preparing Joint Effort with Fed to Generate Hundreds of Billions and More in 0%, Hundred-Year Credit for Infrastructure, Education, and Far More than $160 Billion for Cities and States;

Alt-Right Incendiaries Are Helping to Make Trump the Ultimate Wrecking Ball for the Republican Party as They Boycott Loeffler and Purdue; Path to GOP Extinction is Wide Open for January 5 in Georgia and Beyond;

Supreme Court Majority of Six Reactionaries Are All Originalists, but Not One of Them Can Interpret “Whole Number” When it comes to Counting All Persons in the Census, as Specified by the Constitution; 

Tonight’s Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is Closest since 1623; Next Comparable Events Expected in 2060 and 2080