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Dec 2020

December 16, 2020

December 17, 2020

Last Days of Trump: McConnell Orders GOP Senators Not To Join in the Mo Brooks Rebellion Planned to Challenge Electoral College Results When Votes Are Tallied in Capitol on January 6;

$908 Billion Package Would Bring $600 Lump Sum per Person and $300 per Week Supplement for Jobless Benefits, Plus Money for Vaccine Distribution; But McConnell Still Blocks $160 Billion Needed by State and Local Government; Biden Has Promised that Current Measure is Only a Down Payment on Real Relief and Stimulus after January 20; Trump, Mnuchin, and McConnell – Not Governors or Mayors or Pelosi-- Have Sabotaged Payments to Small Business; Christmas Cliff Two Weeks Away;

Nationalize the Fed: Powell of Federal Reserve Will Extend Infamous Repo Operations through September 2021 to Prop Up Wall Street Bubble, but is Adamant that Helping State and Local Governments in Pandemic as Entirely the Responsibility of Congress; Fed Uneasy over Balance Sheet Loaded with Junk Derivatives;

Ludwig van Beethoven, One of World’s Greatest Composers, Was Born Two Hundred Fifty on This Day of December 16 1770 in Today’s Bonn Germany; For Easy Access to Beethoven’s Work for Americans Who May Not Know Him, We Suggest His English-Language Scottish and Irish Songs, Followed by Other Songs and His Sole Opera, Fidelio; Then Study the Nine Symphonies and the Late String Quartets, Concluding with the Great Fugue, Opus 133;

Breaking: Classified Briefing on Russian Hacking Finds Massive Negligence about Cyber-Defense on Trump’s Watch, Despite Multiple Warnings; Sen. Blumenthal: “Virtually an Act of War”