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Dec 2020

December 14, 2020

December 15, 2020

Electoral College Makes Biden 46th President by Vote of 306 to 232 in 51 Orderly Meetings Across US; No Rogue or Faithless Electors Materialize; Michigan State Capitol Closed to Other Business After State Police Report Credible Terrorist Threat Against Electoral College Meeting, But Fascists Fail to Show Up;

“Democracy Has Prevailed”; Biden Claims 306 as Landslide; Reminds GOP that People Grant Power to Politicians, not Vice Versa; But Trump Diehards, Still Incorrigible, Are Preparing Forged Last Gasp Lists of Pro-Trump Reactionaries to Put Before Congress on January 6; Rep. Mo Brooks and Other GOP Fanatics Are Seeking a Senator to Second Their Rejection of Legally Certified Electors; GOP’s Faux Slates of Electors Mailed to National Archives Represent Mail Fraud, Which Must Be Severely Punished; Liberticide AG Barr Exits Groveling; But Will Trump Still Follow His Pardon Strategy from 1992?

Trump Lockstep is Fragmenting Under Hammer-Blows of Court Defeats; Quarrels Break Out Among Fox Hosts About Next Moves; Rep. Mitchell (R-MI) of House Minority Leadership Resigns from Party; Some Senators Flee Don;

US Will Be Weakest from Now through January 20, with Nation Headless and Adrift; This the Ideal Moment for Russian and Chinese Cyber-Attacks;

White House Confirms Foreign Hackers Have Penetrated Treasury and Commerce Departments; Leading US Anti-Hacker Firm FireEye Robbed of Powerful Cyber-Weapons; NSA Warns that “Russian State Sponsored Actors” Are Attacking US Agencies Exploiting Flaws in Software; CISA Orion Points to Solar Winds Orion Platform; Prime Suspects Are SVR-KGB Perpetrators of APT29/Cozy Bear; Russian Embassy Denies Everything; Many Google Services Down for an Hour This Morning;