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Dec 2020

December 12, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

December 13, 2020

US Supreme Court Unanimously Blocks Seditious Ploy by Trump, 18 Red States, and 127 House GOPers to Overthrow Election Under Color of Law; Even Ultra-Reactionaries Alito and Thomas Shun Trump; Electoral College Votes in State Capitals on Monday January 14; To Restore Legal Government and Ward Off Total Chaos, Biden-Harris Must Be Inaugurated on January 20; 

Crazed GOP Revanchists Spout Secession, Formation of Fascist Rump State in Violation of Smith Act; Chinese-Russian Threat is Suddenly Forgotten; Extinction of Republican Party to Preserve, Protect, and Defend US Constitution is Now Top Priority for All Honest Officials Being Sworn In;

Bedraggled Pro-Trump Rabble Postures in Streets of Washington, as Benedict Donald Flies Overhead; Fascist Gangs Play Key Role;

Trump Strategy is to Cripple America with Wrecking Ops to Paralyze Biden Administration; His Stay-Behind Sabotage Squads in Federal Bureaucracy Must Be Ruthlessly Removed; If Trump and Barr Try to Inflict a Special Prosecutor, Next Attorney General Must Fire that Person on January 20; No Marquess of Queensbury Rules for Fascists!

Pfizer COVID Vaccine Now Being Shipped in US After Approval by FDA and CDC; How Long Before Americans Die in Streets After Being Turned Away by Overcrowded Hospitals?

Catastrophic No-Deal Brexit Just Hours Away, with Huge New Disruptions Piled on Pandemic; BoJo Courts Armed Conflict over Trivia by Sending Warships into Channel to Protect Fishing Grounds; Biden and Blinken Must Deliver Ultimatum to London to Back Off from Suicidal Clash Among NATO Allies!