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Dec 2020

December 1, 2020

December 2, 2020

After Weeks of Widespread Dragnet, Barr Concedes He Has Found No Evidence of Widespread Vote Fraud to Back Up Trump’s Extravagant Charges He Was Cheated; This Should Be the End of this Strange Interlude, But Not So Fast; Barr is Setting Up Stay-Behind Operation Under anti-Russiagate Prober John Durham as New Secretly Appointed Special Counsel; Likely Effect will Be to Cripple US Counter-Intelligence Defenses Against Russian and Chinese Dictators; Durham is Illegitimate and Should Be Fired on January 20.

To Re-Assert Rationality for American People Against MAGA and Q-Anon Crackpots Allied with Trump, Urgent Need for Biden to Deliver Speedy Economic Recovery, Rising Wages and Standards of Living, Upward Mobility, and Tangible Benefits; $1 Trillion Needed Before January; 

On First Day, Biden Should Use Executive Orders to Renew $1,200 Payments to Taxpayers and $600 per Week Jobless Supplement, Establish a $15 Minimum Wage for Federal Work Force and Contractors, Keep Student Loan Interest Payments Paused, and Keep Freeze on Evictions;

If GOP Continues Sabotage, Biden Should Call on Powell and Yellen for Several Trillion Dollars in 0% Long-Term Federal Reserve Lending for Job Creation and Support of States;

In Hopeful Sign, Herd Immunity Ideologues Anders Tegnell of Sweden and Scott Atlas of Trump White House Lose Traction;

To Help World Powers Fight Back Against Totalitarian Economic Aggressors of Beijing, US Should Lead in Creating a Coalition for Economic Self-Defense Against Communist Belt & Road and Made in China 2025;

In Context of Assassination of Iran Nuclear Scientist Fakhrizadeh, Former JCS Chair Adm. Mullen Joins Seal Leader Adm. McRaven Expresses “Serious Concern” about “Really Destructive” Potential of Trump’s Recent Ouster of Esper and Packing of Top Pentagon Posts with Loyal Fanatics; Watch on the Gulf in Middle East;

More Threats Issued by Trumpers against Federal and State Election Officials;