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Sep 2020

August 31, 2020

September 1, 2020

Signaling Shift Towards Greater Realism in Democratic Party Line, Biden Sternly Condemns Violent Provocateurs Infiltrating Peaceful Political Protests, Who Now Provide the Main Theme of GOP Campaign:

“Rioting Is Not Protesting. Looting Is Not Protesting. Setting Fires is Not Protesting. None of This Is Protesting. It’s Lawlessness. And Those Who Do It Should Be Prosecuted; Violence Will Not Bring Change. It Only Brings Destruction, It is not What Dr. King or John Lewis Taught. It Must End. Fires Are Burning -- and We Have a President Who Fans the Flames;”

Get This Message Quickly to Feckless Democratic Officials in Washington, Oregon, and other States Who Have Failed to Confront Mercenary Wreckers; Trump Refuses to Condemn Violence and Murder Provided They Are Carried Out by His Own Fanatical Supporters; Acting As Provocateur In Chief, He Plans Trip to Kenosha Tuesday Despite Urging from Mayor and Governor to Stay Away;

Military Times Poll Finds Biden Leading Trump by 6% Among Active Duty US Military; Democrat Is Ahead by 43% to 37%; In 2016, Trump Had Led This Survey by 20 Points; 47% Don’t Like Don, with Officers More Critical than Enlisted Troops;

As Death Toll Mounts, Trump Backs “Herd Immunity” Quackery Peddled by Incompetent Advisors;

Biden Won’t Ban Fracking on Privately Owned Land, and So May Win Pennsylvania and Other States; Ultra-Left People’s Party Convention Full of Calls to Boycott Biden; In Tuesday’s Massachusetts Primary, Rep. Kennedy Better for Senate than Green Ideologue Markey