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Aug 2021

August 14, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

August 14, 2021
Biden sending 5,000 troops to Afghanistan, with a reserve brigade in Gulf.
Catastrophic Afghan rout would be crushing US humiliation, liable to encourage many aggressors across planet; blunders on Afghan front will be paid for along Korean DMZ, the east coast of Taiwan, and the Black and Baltic Seas; Taliban must not enter Kabul!
5,000 US forces should secure fortified Afghan National Redout around Kabul & main airport, offering a safe zone for pro-US Afghans to gather for airlift to US; Shiites of central highlands are also resisting;
Amb. Khalilzad's theory that Taliban fear pariah status is absurd appeasement, with China, Russia, Iran and others eager to see US ousted by barbaric terror regime;
Biden is badly served by Afghanistan advisors, with Khalilzad, Sullivan, Blinken, and some Central Command generals facing accountability;
Facing the fall of France to Nazis in June 1940, Churchill and de Gaulle eyed a French National Redout in Brittany, but this was sabotaged by appeasers who wanted surrender!