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Apr 2021

April 6, 2021

April 7, 2021

Russia and China Reported Running Aggressive anti-US Subversion Operations in Mexico; Biden and Blinken Must Engage Central and Latin American Leaders ASAP;

Biden White House Issues April 6 Clarification that Covid Shots and “Vaccine Passports” Will Not Be Mandated by US Government, Thus Depriving GOP Demagogues of Their Best Scaremongering Issue for 2022;

Communist Chinese Regime Is Seeking to Impose and Administer Worldwide Vaccine Monitoring App Based on the Totalitarian Social Credit System Containing Exhaustive Personal Data; This could be used for US and Worldwide Political Repression; Chinese Methods Involve Intrusive Blockchain Technology and QR Codes; Chinese Approach Amounts to Orwellian Surveillance and Must Be Rejected by International Community; Beijing’s Social Credit Snooping is Unacceptable for World Public Opinion;

Worldwide Social Credit Surveillance Converges with Britain-Chinese Campaign to Replace the US Dollar as Reserve Currency with Funny Money Digital Currency Issued by Central Banks, as Demanded by Carney of Bank of England at Jackson Hole in 2019; The Political Bait Could Be Universal Basic Income rather than JOBS, as in Late Roman Empire!