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Apr 2021

April 5, 2021

April 6, 2021

GOP Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri, a Lame Duck from the McConnell Leadership Clique, Reveals on ABC How the Pluto-Party Intends to Block Biden’s $2.2 Trillion Recovery and Infrastructure Act and Cripple the United States in the Contest with Chinese Communism;

Pretending to Be Concerned about Deficits and Debt, Blunt’s Fake “Bipartisanship” Centers on a Demand to Cut 70% Off the Biden Plan, Leaving at Most a Mutilated Plan to Spend Just Over $600 Billion, Scarcely More than the Yearly Spending in a Routine Highway Bill, Meaning the GOP Would Not Provide a Serious Boost to US Economy in Crisis!

Tax Increases for the Opulent and Predatory Corporations Are of Course Anathema to Mitch-Koch Forces, So Blunt Endorses “Public-Private Partnerships” which Typically Involve Privatization of Taxpayer-Built Public Works and the Imposition of Onerous Tolls; These Methods Have Failed in DC Area with Metro’s Purple Line Collapse and Interstate 270 HOV Lanes with Tolls at Estimated $2 Per Mile in Maryland, Plus Wild Toll Spikes on Highways Around Dulles in Virginia; 

Blunt also Wants User Fees and Higher Gas Taxes, both Brutally Regressive Forms of Taxation that Would Violate Biden’s Pledge of No Tax Hikes for Working People; Federal Highway Trust Fund Is Already Depleted, Thanks to Trump; Blunt also Recommends a National Infrastructure Bank, Possibly Along Lines of the Rohatyn-Lazard Frères Proposal, Allowing Wall Street to Skim Profits; These Measures Are Mostly Regurgitated from Trump’s Fake “Infrastructure Weeks,” Designed for Rent Seekers;

Modern Civilized Consensus is that Roads, Bridges, Subways, and Commuter Rail Are Not Intrinsically Profitable, but Are Indispensable for Other Economic Activity that Is Highly Profitable;

Elder Care and Child Care Are Indeed Infrastructure, as Seen in Example of Two-Income Working Family with Kids and Aged Parents which Needs Assistance with Both to Survive Economically;

Hysteria of Christie on ABC Shows GOP is Betting the Ranch on Voter Suppression; Jersey Ex-Gov Stridently Accuses Biden of Lying About Evil Effects of Georgia Bill; Christie Had Served Trump, Greatest Liar of the Age;

Breaking: Senate Parliamentarian Rules that Democrats Can Pass Two More Funding Bills, Opening Door to Passing $2.2 Trillion Recovery Bill by Simple Majority!