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Apr 2021

April 3, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

April 4, 2021

Chinese Communist Party-WHO Joint Report on Origins of Covid Virus is Crude Beijing-Dictated Whitewash with Key Interviews and Records Denied and Alarming “Lack of Complete, Original Data and Samples”; Study Alleges without Proof that Laboratory Leaks Are “Extremely Unlikely” as Likely Causal Hypothesis; The Tired and Inadequate Story about the “Wet Markets” is Warmed Over and Dished Up Again to Muddy the Waters;

Report is Criticized as Inadequate by 14 Nations, Including US, UK, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, South Korea, and Slovenia, Who Call for a “Transparent and Independent Analysis and Evaluation, Free from Interference and Undue Influence, of the Origins of the Covid-19”; Substantive Issue is That Origins of Pandemic Must Be Known to Enable Effective Measures against Future Outbreaks of Contagion; Even WHO’s Tedros Concedes Investigation Was “Not Extensive Enough” and Will Have to Continue;

Centers for Disease Control Chief in Former Administration Dr. Robert Redfield Tells CNN that China Covered Up the Beginnings of the Pandemic; Redfield, a Leading Virologist, Believes Most Plausible Etiology for Virus is Laboratory Leak in Wuhan;

US State Department Was Aware in 2017 of Problematic Situation in Wuhan Lab; At Least Two Later Cables Suggested Wuhan Military Lab, a Center for Bat Virus Research, Suffered from Lack of Trained Personnel to Provide Sufficient Safeguards against Mishaps; Redfield Stresses that Lab Workers Often Contract Respiratory Diseases They Are Working On;

Former GOP House Speaker Boehner Provides First-Person Account of How the Lunatic Chuckleheads of the Tea Party Sabotaged the Legislative Process in Congress by Seeking to Disrupt, Not to Govern