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Apr 2021

April 24, 2021 - World Crisis Radio

April 25, 2021

If China boycotts Sunday’s Oscars, US should lead world in shunning Beijing Winter Olympics next February!

Success or debacle of Biden’s climate plans depends on whether modern nuclear energy is central component; Comparison of France and Germany since 1980 proves that nuclear reduces carbon and lowers costs, while German method of dumping nuclear for solar cells and windmills yields more carbon and increased costs; The choice depends on public opinion and Congress!

Republican “infrastructure” scam of $568 billion is insult to Americans; Entire plan is less than Biden’s spending on transportation; As under Trump, GOP wants privatization of obsolete assets, “public-private partnerships,” and exorbitant tolls; worst of all, GOP would steal money already appropriated in earlier COVID bills; Rich parasites would pay nothing, with cost burden on working people; 1934-style blowout eminently possible for Dems next year, but don’t let GOP saboteurs stall the current momentum!

Hard times for despots: Putin pulls forces away from Ukraine; Is Kremlin responding to weakening public support; Navalny ends successful hunger strike?

Beijing sidelines multi-millionaire Jack Ma; Is this designed to replay Putin’s 2003 jailing of Khodorkovsky to stop putative oligarch’s revolt?